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15 Good Reasons to Start a Mom or Dad Blog

As the inaugural post, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight the objectives of so that readers know what to expect, while clarifying the site’s purpose at the same time.

It is common for blogs to start off with lofty aspirations, only to fizzle out when the novelty wears off. To avoid this, it is important to spell out as many good reasons for its existence as possible. This will help fuel its continued growth and serve as solid motivation to keep the momentum going.

Although these are my personal goals, most of them are applicable for other dads and parents too. Regardless of whether you’re just thinking about starting a dad blog, or already have a mommy blog going, they should be useful to provide inspiration for any parenting blog.

Here are 15 very compelling reasons to justify embarking on the journey to be a Parenting Blogger:

(Note: All of these apply for Mommy Blogs too, just substitute father for mother accordingly.)

  1. Writing About Those You Love Most
  2. Document Priceless Moments with your Kids
  3. Journaling the Precious Journey Together
  4. Inspire other Dads to be Better Fathers
  5. Share Stories to Help Struggling Dads
  6. Curate Cool Fathering Tips and Hacks
  7. Note Down Challenging Moments & Epic Fails
  8. Share Personal Thoughts that are Hard to Say
  9. Connect with other Parents and Like-minded People
  10. Provide Blogging Tips to Fellow Bloggers
  11. Let your Kids Know More about their Dad
  12. Learn to Write and Express Yourself Better
  13. Make Money Doing What You Enjoy
  14. A Big Hairy Audacious Goal
  15. etc

Mom vs Dad Blogs

There are way more mommy blogs than dad blogs. This is probably because mothers are more involved in childcaring. They’re also more expressive, open to share with one another and love taking photos of their kids – a perfect mix to be a blogger.

But with so many excellent reasons to write a blog about fatherhood, maybe more dads should be encouraged to start blogging?

There must be thousands of fathers with valuable tips and stories to share. Successes, struggles and real life experiences that other dads/parents/children could learn from to make their homes a happier place.

If this sounds like something you may be interested to explore but just don’t know how to go about it, take a look at this guide on how to start a daddying blog.

Can you think of any other good reason for fathers (or parents in general) to write a dad blog? Please share them in the comments below.

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