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How to Start a Successful Parenting Blog

Starting a mom or dad blog is actually quite easy. It may appear complicated, especially if you’re not familiar with websites or aren’t very active online. But don’t worry, the technical part (which is probably the stumbling block for most people) is relatively simple.

You can be up and running very quickly. The basic website setup takes less than 15 minutes, once the blog hosting has been confirmed.

To get a new blog going, it is the content writing which is most important. But that’s not the part you’re worried about right?


Before diving in, sketch a rough plan to get your head around the project. Do some research to fill in any knowledge gaps so that you’re better prepared.

  • Creating a Plan – it can be on paper, in a spreadsheet or notes in your phone. Figure out what you know and what you don’t but need to find out. Have a massive brainstorm to set goals, draw up a timeline and outline a step by step plan.
  • What is a Parenting Blog Exactly – do you actually know what you want to do? Do you know the possibilities of what can be done, and what should be done? Probably not. A good way to find out is to spend a few hours and visit at least 10 dad, mom, and general parenting blogs to see how they’re designed and what they write about.
  • Should you Start a Blog – this is an important question. Obvious but often overlooked. Dig deep to think about why you want to have a blog. Take a look at these reasons to be a parenting blogger if you’re not sure.
  • What will you Write About – you’ve heard the phrase content is king right? Well it is, especially when it comes to blogging. Thrash out your content plan clearly and it will help to shape your blog’s brand, name and direction. Don’t know where to start? Have a good think then write down the titles for the first 20 posts in your blog.

Naming, Hosting & Design

Next, comes the actual blog setup:

  1. Choosing a Blog Name – this will be easier if you’ve done the research & planning properly
  2. Picking a Blogging Platform – just go with WordPress, it’s the best and it’s free
  3. Getting Hosting & a Domain Name for your Blog Website – the easiest option for most people is to get the Starter Plan at Bluehost. It includes a free domain name and comes with the WordPress.
  4. Setting up your Blog & Choosing a Theme – after installing WordPress, it’s time to choose a design
  5. Adding Specific Features using Plugins – this is why millions of people choose WordPress as their blogging platform. It allows you to add lots of additional functionality. You can skip this step for now.
  6. Start Blogging – write and publish your first post.

It’s that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will it cost? The main cost is for your domain name registration and blog website hosting. Registering a .com domain costs about $10 a year and simple hosting costs less than $110 a year. Both of them will cost a maximum of $120 a year or $10/month. This will be a lot less if you sign up for more than a year with the hosting provider.
  • How much does blog hosting cost? BlueHost’s Basic Plan (which is all you need for now) starts at under US$3 per month – and includes a free domain name. This is a good deal that a lot of new bloggers use.
  • What is a WordPress? WordPress (WP) is the most popular blogging software or Content Management System (CMS) that is used by millions of websites. It is an open source source software which means it is 100% free.
  • What are Blog Themes? Blog/WordPress Themes control a site’s layout and every element of the design. There are thousands of free themes to use as well as paid premium themes. For beginners, free WordPress themes are perfectly fine.
  • What are WordPress Plugins? WP Plugins are used to enhance the functionality of WordPress websites. Just like themes, there are plenty of free ones as well as paid premium plugins.

Feel free to ask a question in the comments section below if you’d like more information. Just fire away and I’ll be glad to help.

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